Gteknologies' Campaign Tracking Service: Integrated Analytics tool Allows for Cross Channel ROI Assessment and Accountability!

Imagine the power that results from having near perfect information! Well, now you can! Gteknologies can help you determine your Response Rates from all your advertising campaigns with one integrated tool. Gteknologies Campaign Tracking Service, Ad Tracks allows you to track and analyze customer response to your ad campaigns regardless of response method:

  • How many website visits did each ad or campaign generate
  • How many phone calls were received per campaign or ad
  • How many emails were received per campaign or ad
  • How many online purchases were received per campaign or ad
  • How many form submissions were received per campaign or ad

Ad Tracks uses unique phone numbers, email addresses and web addresses to monitor and report where people who have contacted your company are coming from. Not only will Ad Tracks be able to determine which messages and modes of advertising (newspaper, radio, magazine) provide the highest response rates, but it will also tell you which methods are most cost effective; SEM, SEO (coming soon), email, magazine, newspaper, and other traditional means.

Gteknologies' Ad Tracks Services Include:

Call Data Capture

Using a unique phone number inserted into each advertisement or campaign you wish to track, calls are first routed through our phone system and then ring to your business phone. As inbound calls pass though our technology, we strip out various metrics of each call:

  • Which advertisements are providing highest response rates?
  • Which peak response times require more staffing? What was the duration of each call?
  • Which area codes did the calls original from?
  • How do your customers prefer to contact you? Do they phone, email, or purchase online?

Web Data Capture

Ad Tracks employs unique URL's for each advertisement or campaign that you wish to track. Visitors are then automatically rerouted to your main Webpage (or wherever you wish to route them).

  • Using sophisticated tracking software, Ad Tracks will provide information as to how many visitors came in through which campaign (ie. unique URL).
  • This technology will allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your Organic Search Engine Optimization, Search Marketing Campaigns and Banner Ads.

Ad Tracks works with your own web log analysis tool.

Google Analytics Services

Among the Google Analytics services we provide or customize to suit client needs are:

  • Google Analytics Implementation
  • Google Analytics Training
  • Google Analytics Reporting
  • Google Analytics Goal Development and Implementation
  • Google Analytics Integration With Shopping Carts
  • Google Analytics Goal Tracking
  • Google Analytics Customization & Segmentation

Google Analytics is a fully integrated reporting system with Google Adwords™ and offers an enterprise class analysis tool that you can use to get optimal results from your advertising campaigns.

Creating the benchmarks, metrics and targets is key to understanding not only how online marketing strategies are performing but where they are succeeding and where they can be more fully developed.

Gteknologies are experts in web analytics and have over seven years experience in assisting companies to assess, analyze, deploy and develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) across online media channels.

Gteknologies can assist you in implementing, developing and interpreting winning online campaigns and strategies through Google Analytics and how to extract the key points require to effect informed decisions.

Gteknologies is also a Google Adwords Qualified Company, among the first in Pakistan.

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