Our People

Experts grow in Team. As responsible IT Organization, Gteknologies has grown more as a community of IT experts & less like a Business. We say that Gteknologies is not just a company it is a community that consists of our administration, staffs, partners & even our family members.

Gteknologies community maintains a better & brighter life-style. Find out more about our community below.


To improve service standard & success rate, Gteknologies has taken so many special steps, especially in training. One of the greatest important aspects of our training program is the Training Division where every worker despite of his/her official designation gets extra knowledge, exposure to latest technologies & improves his/her skills.

Team building & Motivation System

Maintaining & managing a solid, highly motivated & experienced team is one of key factors of Gteknologies continuous success. We have integrated this advanced motivation system in our company administration. The system succeeds the following goals:

  • Low-Level of Employees Turnover
  • High Productivity
  • Continuous Improvement of Human Resources
  • Low Human Errors