Chromebooks for Education

Put the web’s endless resources in the hands of students and teachers by bringing Chromebooks for Education into the classroom.

Chromebooks for Eduation are the solution for easy-to-manage computing in academic institutions. Students, teachers, and administrators are provided with quick access to the web and battery life that lasts the entire school day, allowing for an unparalleled user experience.

Simple, intuitive computing

Without the need to connect to a network, Chromebooks for Education boot in 8 seconds with instant resume, providing access to the web at much faster speeds than traditional laptops. There is no need for students to learn a new program or familiarize themselves with new software – students that understand how to use a web browser will already know how to use a Chromebook. Teachers will also spend less time working through the hassles of classroom technology and more time on what they do best – teaching.

Web-based management and security

Administrators can manage all settings through a web-based console, updating or changing these settings for an entire set of Chromebooks with just a few clicks. Because all applications are accessed via a web browser, system updates are made automatically, eliminating the need for time-intensive IT management tasks such as backing up data, re-imaging, or patches. Chromebooks also have a built-in security feature that defends against malware and viruses, ensuring the protection of your school’s data.


Starting at $20/device/month, Chromebook users get the hardware, operating system, system updates, and support options. Google estimates the total cost of ownership of a Chromebook to being 70% less than owning a traditional personal computer. After 3 years, Chromebooks for Education users will receive a new set of Chromebooks while still being able to keep their original set (without support options) at no charge.

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