Have you been the victim of some bad press online lately? Are negative mentions of your company ranking high in the search results for your business name? Imagine … a company that can help you address those mentions.

It doesn’t matter what company you are, at some point your company WILL have to contend with some negative press ranking for your business name in the search results. Its an inevitability! The internet has now made it possible for individuals to now hold the keys to company reputations via blogs, forums, and social media sites … positively or negatively!

It might be less of an issue if the negative piece ranked for a more obscure term, but no, its ranking for your business name, maybe even above the fold in plain sight. This means many who are searching for you on the internet, will inevitably see it, and be tainted by it.

Don’t fret! Often (not always!), there is something that can be done to help. Gteknologies helps companies:

  1. have those negative mentions either removed, or ‘bumped down’ in the search results.
  2. develop pre-emptive and quick response strategies and tactics for dealing with such mentions.

If you find yourself with a reputation management issue, contact us immediately.