Google Apps for Government

Focus on Your Agency’s Mission – Not Complex IT

Google Apps for Government provides all of the same benefits that Google Apps for Business does, but with an added level of security that stands up to even the highest levels of government standards. Google Apps for Government is FISMA certified.

With Google Apps for Government, agencies can benefit from the scale and redundancy of one of the most robust networks of distributed datacenters in the world. The protection of the data and intellectual property on these servers is our top priority, with extensive resources dedicated to maintaining data security.

Security and Reliability of the Cloud

Google Apps brings you the latest technologies and industry best practices for datacenter management, network application security, and data integrity.

  • Prepare your agency with best-in-class disaster recovery at no additional cost.
  • Protect against the latest threats with no scheduled downtime. Google’s architecture enables rapid updates and configuration changes across the entire network as needed.
  • Get 99.9% uptime with the Google Apps for Government service level agreement, giving you confidence that employees will have access whenever they need it.
  • Reduce the risk of lost USB drives and laptops; employees can access information securely from anywhere.
  • Benefit from our full-time information security team, including some of the world’s foremost experts in information, application, and network security.

Easily Integrate Other Core Google Applications

Google Search Appliance — Fast, relevant search for your intranet or website. The Google Search Appliance (GSA) is an on-premise, easy-to-deploy solution that can be customized to meet your needs and scales as your content grows.

Google Earth & Maps — Familiar, easy-to-use mapping tools. Make it easy for your employees to view, understand, and make decisions about location-based information. Incorporate your organization’s data into Google Maps and Google Earth to be shared quickly and easily with colleagues and clients. Google’s enterprise versions of these products combine the familiar, interactive Google mapping products with added features designed especially for business users.

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