Google Message Discovery

The Ultimate Hosted Spam-Protection and Archiving Service

Google Message Discovery, powered by Postini, is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection as well as comprehensive email archiving for organizations looking for cost-effective email management and significant advantages over onsite server or media-based email archiving. Google Message Discovery lets you:
  • Create a centralized and searchable email repository for your organization
  • Quickly search across the archive to find emails and save result sets
  • Secure your email from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-borne threats
  • Set central email policies to manage content and compliance requirements

Google-Message-Discovery Message Discovery Flow

Key Features

  • Secure and redundant — Ensure availability and redundancy by leveraging Google’s network of secure, energy-efficient data centers. Minimize costly on-premise infrastructure and reduce IT maintenance.
  • Scalable — Unlimited capacity without additional administration and contracts
  • Easy access and findability — Quickly pinpoint specific email without having to search multiple data sources
  • Export result sets — Quickly export messages or message sets into PST and MBOX formats
  • Manage retention policies — Reduce risks by implementing auditable email retention policies and preserve message sets beyond the retention period when required
  • End user archive access — Allow end users to access their own personal archive through a web-based interface or an MS Outlook toolbar, without IT assistance
  • Archive activity reports — View log reports of all archive activity including searches and exports from the archive for compliance needs
  • Spam and virus protection — Provide market-leading email security including real-time spam and virus protection and content filtering for inbound and outbound email
  • Domain-to-domain encryption — Transmit secure messages with policy-based Transport Layer Security protocols
  • Intelligent routing — Easily route email traffic to de-centralized data center locations