Google Apps for Education

More Than 10 Million Students Use Google Apps – We Can Help You Join the Party

Google Apps for Education offers value that is yet to be matched in the world of cloud-based messaging and collaboration. For $0/user/year (that’s right, it’s free), faculty, staff, and students of educational institutions at all levels can leverage this vast set of customizable communication and collaboration tools.

Tools like Google Sites and Google Groups are ready-made for the world of education, enabling information exchange and instruction at entirely new levels.

Eight Ways Google Apps Will Benefit Your Campus

Google Apps brings you the latest technologies and industry best practices for datacenter management, network application security, and data integrity.

  1. Students will love you for it — Schools say that when students are asked what email they’d prefer, they overwhelmingly say Gmail.
  2. Free up your IT — Focus your IT on activities that add value instead of worrying about the uptime of your email services.
  3. Easy to deploy — No software to install, no hardware to buy, just validate your MX records and create your accounts to get started.
  4. Save money — Outsourcing the maintenance of servers to Google frees up resources that would have been spent on additional licenses and upgrades.
  5. Google protects your privacy — Google’s business is built on users’ trust: trust in their ability to properly secure your data and their commitment to respect the privacy of the information you place in their systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately.
  6. Security as powerful as Google — The security that is provided to Google Apps customers is the same security that Google relies on to protect In addition, Google’s entire organization runs on Google Apps.
  7. Innovation in real-time — What better way to prepare your students for the newest technology in the workplace, than by giving it to them as a part of their education?
  8. Collaborate globally — Google Docs, our word processing application, doesn’t just give you access to the same document, it actually allow students to work on the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world.

And It’s Not Just for Schools

Google Apps for Education is used by a variety of non-profits. Any 501(c)(3) with less than 3,000 employees is eligible to use Google Apps for Education at no cost. Organizations with over 3,000 users are eligible for Google Apps for Non-Profits, which comes at a 40% discount off the regular price. Gteknologies has helped a number of non-profits take advantage of this special deal.

Talk to Gteknologies today to learn how we can help you move to Google Apps for Education.