Google Apps Migration for Novell GroupWise

A Specialized Approach

Novell GroupWise migrations require comprehensive planning and configuration. Detailed experience with the GroupWise post office and eDirectory are required to succeed with any migration.

We also offer the Cloud Google Migrator, a migration tool specifically for GroupWise that’s highly configurable to your environment.

We take the unique aspects of GroupWise into consideration; here’s how GroupWise projects usually fit within our migration methodology:

Discovery and Planning

  • Project Planning & Kickoff — Gteknologies provides specific migration and deployment project discovery. Our migration specific project manager will conduct a project kickoff, analysis of any business impact concerns, and deployment timeline with your project team. As a deliverable of this output, a deployment project plan will be created and approved by your core project team.

Design and Configuration

  • Mail Coexistence/Routing — When we migrate your company’s early adopters to Google Apps, other members of your organization are still going to be on GroupWise until we complete the migration, leaving both platforms operational for some period of time. Managing coexistence and ensuring that everyone still communicates without difficulty is paramount during this phase. We will assist in the configuration of GWIA settings to accomplish dual delivery with Google Apps.
  • eDirectory Synchronization — Directory sync ensures that users on both platforms can access each other’s contact information to easily communicate with co-workers. We can configure the Google Directory Sync tool with your GroupWise edirectory to support user accounts, groups, and shared contacts.

Migrate Data

  • Data Migration — Our team will walk you through the options concerning the migration of mail, calendar and contact data. Depending on both your budget and how comprehensively your personnel uses mail, calendar and contacts, this phase can be one of the most time consuming, but arguably the most important. Additionally, our specialized tool will address the migration of your GroupWise resource data.


  • Variety of options — Our training team can deliver training to your organization in a variety of ways, from webinars to classroom training to train-the-trainer sessions. Visit our training page to learn more.

Post Deployment Support

  • Let us figure it out — As part of your deployment, we provide one month or up to 20 hours of support for your IT staff. We provide 24 hour help desk ticketing online, and a 9-5 PM support line. Learn more about additional support packages.

Project Management

  • Ensure success — We track progress against plan with excruciating detail. Our project managers will help identify potential obstacles early, and quickly bring the right people and information together to reach a decision.

Change Management

  • Make an efficient change — Prepare your organization for success by implementing Change Management and connecting with your users throughout the migration. Change Management will reduce production drop and increase time to proficiency during your migration, learn more.

Learn more about switching to Google Apps

Gteknologies has the knowledge and experience with Novell GroupWise to Google Apps migrations that will accelerate your transition. Our job is to guide you through an efficient transition so that you can reap the benefits of Google Apps as soon as possible. Contact us using the form below to get started today.