Software Testing

software-testing1-150x150Gteknologies offers offshore software testing services. Our dedicated team of skilled software testers, Offshore QA Lab, provides a full range of quality assurance services (QA), including software quality consulting, test planning, test execution and reporting, control of software development processes.

It is known that software quality and its conformation to requirements, standards and objectives underlies the effectiveness of such product. Our Offshore QA support software QA both for small and large development projects. We are able to test software product user-friendliness, stability, security, its adherence to functional and performance requirements, and some other aspects.

As a software testing firm, Gteknologies offers flexible cooperation models beneficial both for software companies and business owners and software buyers. For software companies, cooperation with our company results in the creation of a dedicated QA team equipped with a wide range of different technologies and environments. For business owners that outsource their projects to remote software development companies, the Gteknologies software testing services cover the software quality control process, which results in transparent project development and a high-quality product. We study your business processes and speak the language of your business and industry professionally.

Provide high end software testing and test automation services to enhance productivity, reduce costs, reduce time to market and increase delivery confidence. Enhance effectiveness and ROI for our customers by employing flawless processes, right tools, a proficient team and flexible business models.

Critical Mindset – Positive Difference

Success-Mindset-Image-150x150Gteknologies provides a wide range of testing services that help organizations achieve predictable and improved software quality levels. We work with clients globally as their extended offshore testing team where we leverage our testing expertise and adaptable processes which ensure that we identify defects as early as possible. Our end-to-end black box and white box testing services can complement all your current and future needs in software testing and quality assurance.

Software Testing is an extremely crucial phase of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and developers today face most demanding customers who expect 100% flawless functioning of the applications in use. In other words, your product should be free from technical anomalies – ensuring lesser number of complaints, greater customer satisfaction and optimum retention rates. A well-tested application, product or service is, therefore, a necessity to ensure customer satisfaction.