Google Apps Script Training

appsscript-icon-e1291918757396Gteknologies Google Apps Script training is designed for organizations with development resources that want to begin to expand the capabilities of Google Apps. The Apps Script training session will teach developers how to use the basic services to extend Google Apps to:

  • Automate repetitive business processes
  • Link Google products with third party services
  • Create custom spreadsheet functionality
  • Build rich user interfaces for Internet applications
The three-day training includes two days of instructor led training with a third day focused on collaborative design and development with the instructor and students beginning to build their applications together. By the end of this course, the students should have thorough knowledge of Google Apps Script, including:
  • A complete overview of Apps Script
  • How it can be created and used
  • The Apps Script security model
  • The Apps Script event model

Students will learn how to use all of the most-frequently used Apps Script services, and they will build their own Apps Script business workflow application, with a rich, Internet-ready, user interface. The modular training is designed to take developer from an introduction to Apps script to building a pre-identified application.

  • Introduction to Google Apps Script
  • Spreadsheet Service
  • Document Services
  • OAuth and Document Services
  • Other Frequently-Used Services
  • Building a User Interface with the Ui Service
  • Build Your Own Application

Attendees should have a good understanding of development languages, know how to write loops, iterate through arrays, scope and declare variables and functions, basic object oriented design.