Cloud Service Provider

What is a Cloud Service Provider?

Cloud service providers offer cloud solutions, like Google Apps, that are delivered electronically over the internet. Unlike a managed service provider, cloud service providers do not sell or install hardware – everything they offer is stored online and accessible securely from anywhere. There are many advantages to working with a cloud service provider like Gteknologies when switching from your old email and collaboration software.

The Top 3 Reasons to Leverage a Cloud Service Provider for Your Cloud Strategy

Guidance into to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud can be a daunting task to undertake alone. A cloud service provider helps you every step of the way, from migration services to ongoing adoption of new cloud technologies, as well as custom application development, collaboration, and any other services you may require along the way.

Support once you’re there

Help will still be offered once you have completed your migration to the cloud. Services such as training, change management, support, as well as a liaison to the cloud provider are available to you.

Future growth and continued development in the cloud

Like all technology today, the cloud is ever-changing. A cloud service provider ensures that you’re kept up-to-date with all changes. Services such as adding applications, development of a long term cloud strategy, and updated information and guidance on new features of cloud applications are offered by a cloud service provider.

The Top Services Offered in the Google Cloud

Email and Messaging: Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Groups

  • 25 GB of storage for Gmail
  • Mobile access to calendars, email, and IM
  • Email security provided by Postini
  • Simplistic contact management
  • Mailing list functionality allows for easy content sharing with groups

Collaboration: Google Docs and Video

  • 1 GB of storage per user for Google Docs
  • 10 GB plus 500 MB per user for shared storage on Google Sites
  • Secure video sharing among groups

Security: Postini

  • Custom spam filters
  • Custom password strength requirements
  • Email encryption
  • Custom protocol for emails containing sensitive information

So… Why Choose Gteknologies as your Cloud Service Provider?

Our team here at Gteknologies has both the experience and the desire to make your migration to the cloud as simplistic as possible. We have migrated over 1,000,000 end-users from hundreds of organizations to Google Apps and Google cloud technologies.

Not only do we have unparalleled experience, but we also have tools that no other Cloud Service Provider can offer, such as SherpaTools for day-to-day administration, Archive Migration Tool to move your legacay archives into Postini, Cloud Google Migrator for simplified migration, and DocXfer when you need to move your Google Docs to a new domain. We also offer training through our eLearning platform (SherpaTools – Google Apps Training), Webinars, and personal hands-on training sessions at your request.

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